Increase revenue by 13% with personalized product photos

Introducing a new way of listening to your customers. Bloom learns and automatically shows the product photos that are likeliest to lead to a purchase.

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No more guessing

Creative decisions are disconnected from their impact on performance. Our system automatically shows users the product photos that will lead to the most sales.

Shooting styles that perform

Bloom runs thousands of real-time experiments for each product photo, showing each visitor the best performing photo for them.

Automatically personalize imagery based on:
→ where users came from
→ what device they’re using
→ what they’ve previously purchased

Maximize revenue per impression

Bloom’s algorithm gets smarter every day it’s live on your store. It uses events like carousel swipes, clicks, add to carts, and purchases to learn what content gets your shoppers to buy.


Data-backed creative direction
Optimize your revenue per impression. For each user, Bloom understands the type of photo that will convert the best when shown at the right time.
Source photos for ads and social
Bloom shows you which of your product photos you should use for ads and for social media.

PDP Optimization

Bloom also tracks PDP swipe interactions to determine which:

  • → Photos
  • → Order of photos
  • → Number of photos

Convert the most.

Bloom aggregate data shows that 53% of shoppers bounce after seeing the first image.

That’s 53% of people who could have bought the product if they saw a better image.

How it works

INstall bloom
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Enable a colLEction
We recommend picking high-traffic collections such as Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Sale, etc., to get the fastest results.
Watch the magic happen
Bloom splits your traffic into 2 cohorts.

50% of traffic
serves as the control, where shoppers will see your default images for each product.

50% of traffic is optimized with Bloom.
Observe insights
It usually takes 7-10 days for Bloom to begin outperforming the control.
win-win pricing
Bloom's performance pricing is set to only make money when you do. Bloom charges $1/month + 10% of incremental revenue.
Case studies

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