Personalize your product photos

Increase purchases with one click. Now available on Shopify.

Ever wonder what shooting style sells best?

Too often, creative decisions are disconnected from their impact on performance. Our system automatically shows users the product photos that will lead to the most sales.

No more guessing

Bloom constantly runs multiple autonomous A/B tests for each product photo, showing users the best performing photo for their segment, considering their device, time of day, purchase history, location, and more.

Smart catalog constantly increases revenue

No configuration is required. Simply install the plugin.

As more and more data comes in from the multiple simultaneous A/B tests, the system will continuously improve CTR, cart size, and purchase lift.

AI models

Bloom’s AI casting software generates 100% photorealistic digital models to generate variants of any people in your product photos. Give your models a new identity, age, or 50+ other attributes. Our algorithm will continuously serve users the highest-performing model.


Aarlo Stone Fish

AI entrepreneur, software engineer, automated $12m of ad spend, Yale computer science

Sam Dundas

Grew team to 46 at
secured $5MM investment

Ankur Patel

AI author published by O'Reilly, Princeton computer science, AI entrepreneur

Bruno Schaffa

Princeton history grad, thesis on the intersection of data science, historical archives, and the political economy of coffee

Daniel Cha

Studied sculpture at RISD, artist, founder Cha Cha Studios

Bryan Sharpe

Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker